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How to Win with ezbot

After installing ezbot, you're ready to start optimizing your website or app. Here's how to succeed with ezbot:

  1. Identify Areas for Improvement: Use your existing analytics, intuition, or customer feedback to pinpoint areas of your website or app that need enhancement. Look for points of friction, drop-off spots, or low conversion rates.

  2. Create Variations: Decide what changes you want to make to address these issues. This could include adjusting button placements, changing content, redesigning layouts, or altering pricing. With ezbot, the possibilities are endless. Create these variations using our Visual Editor or directly in your code.

  3. Sit Back and Relax: ezbot will continuously test different combinations of your variations, learning which ones work best for each type of user. It automatically delivers the best experiences to your users.

  4. Embrace a "Let's Try It" Culture: Testing with ezbot is quick, safe, and data-driven, eliminating the need for lengthy debates. Just try your ideas and see what works.

  5. Watch Your Metrics Improve: ezbot identifies the winning combinations, directs more traffic to them, and captures more value for you. At the same time, it reduces traffic to underperforming variations, minimizing risk.