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Optimization for Everyone

Computers and Artificial Intelligence have simplified tedious tasks like accounting, filing taxes, collecting data, generating reports, balancing checkbooks, and calculating tips. Most people now use computers for these tasks because they are faster and make fewer mistakes than humans.

Think of ezbot as your optimization calculator. You don't need an experimentation expert to optimize your website anymore—ezbot does it for you. Simply decide what layouts, designs, copy, or pricing you want to test, and ezbot will serve the best versions to your users. With ezbot, one person can implement more changes in a week than entire experimentation teams could test in a month.

Democratizing Optimization

ezbot was founded on the belief that humans can achieve their greatest creative potential when freed from the technical difficulties of making data-driven decisions.

ezbot makes it easy for marketers, product managers, developers, and business owners to optimize their digital properties without the hassle of running and analyzing individual experiments. Built for simplicity and safety, ezbot allows you to try changes on your website or app and determine what works best for your users.

ezbot continuously tests the variations you create and serves the best ones to your users. Low-performing variants automatically receive less traffic over time. This way, you can focus on creating new experiences and let ezbot figure out which ones work best.

Key Benefits

Making experimentation accessible to everyone on your team can significantly boost your business. Here are three specific reasons why:

  1. Increased Innovation: When everyone on your team can easily run experiments, you open the door to a wider range of ideas and perspectives. This can lead to more creative and effective solutions that you might not have considered otherwise.

  2. Faster Decision-Making: With more team members able to test their ideas quickly and easily, your business can make data-driven decisions faster. This agility allows you to respond more effectively to market changes and user feedback.

  3. Enhanced Collaboration: When experimentation is accessible to everyone on your team, it encourages a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility. Team members from different departments can work together to test and refine ideas, leading to better overall outcomes and a more cohesive strategy.

By empowering your entire team to experiment, you create an environment where innovation thrives, decisions are made swiftly, and collaboration is the norm – all contributing to your business's success.